5 Year Anniversary & Mothers Day

Has it seriously been five years already!?! It really is hard to believe. We had always said we would do something big for our 5 year anniversary, well things change:) It is just too hard with work and the kids...But it didn't really matter, we had a blast anyway! Since we hardly ever go out, it is a real treat when we do!! I went and picked up Tom from work in Scottsdale and we went to this Greek restaurant right around the corner. This was my first time eating Greek food, and it was fantastic! Tom knew just what to order-a Greek salad with a aegean club sandwich. I am usually not one to eat new foods, but I am so happy I did! It made it special:)


Next, we went to the Scottsdale Fashion Square and walked around. It was incredible! That place it so fancy and I felt a little out of place:)  We went to Buckle and tried on a bunch of jeans (just for fun). Then we went to the theater, a place we haven't been since before Brooklyn was born. 

I have been wanting to see this movie since I saw a preview of it months ago. I absolutely loved the first one, and the second one DID NOT  disappoint! I am such a sucker for Robert Downey Jr.-he just cracks me up! And the writer-
Justin Theroux is a genius! I love the witty humor, plus it has some action and a little bit of romance. Such a a fun night! I am so blessed to have this handsome man as my husband! I love you baby! Here's to the next 50 years...
Just a shout out to the best kids in the world! I just love these two so much and I am so proud to be their mother.
I am incredibly blessed to be able to stay home with them and watch them learn and grow. These days are so precious to me! (This layout below is a quickpage I made for Pink Igloo designs, it will be available in her shop soon.)
Oh, and here is what they got me for Mothers day... 
They sure are little bargain shoppers:) All this retail would cost around $250. I am so excited!! It will make this summer a little more bearable!!


Lacee Herbert said...

Happy Anniversary & Happy Mother's Day! What fun happenings!!! I love ALL your pics and ALL your layouts!!

Bonnie said...

Congrats on your annniversary! Way cute family pictures and I cant believe how much you look like your mom.

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