Braden Thomas Garlock

This post is all about you buddy! You are 3 years and 7 months old. Your favorite colors are blue and red. Your favorite movies are Toy Story and Cars. You also love to watch Noggin. You don't like to eat much, but I can usually get you to eat any type of fruit, carrots and ranch, pizza bites, mac and cheese, fish sticks, pb&j sandwich,  and oatmeal. If you had it your way you would drink apple juice and chocolate milk all day long. You love to read books and your favorite toys are your hot wheels and Leap Frog Tag junior. You love to learn and can read over 300 words! You know all your colors and can count to 30 and can name all the letters and numbers and all the shapes.

You started preschool this year, but you were only able to go a couple of days before the school year ended. You will start again this August. Although you were only there for a couple weeks, you LOVED it and the teacher and children loved you! It has been a few weeks since you got out, but every morning you still ask me if it is time to go on the bus...haha. 
You are such a funny kid and make your dad and I laugh everyday. The things you come up with are just hilarious. You are so full of life and have such an abundance of energy. I am always trying to think of new ways to wear you out. Your favorites are jumping on the tramp, chasing your sister around the house, and riding your bike for miles. You are such a happy kid and many times throughout the day you will run up to me and say "Mom, I am so happy!" 

You are definitely a mamma's boy and I love it!  I think this is because I know you best. You like things a certain way and get really upset if it is not done the way you are used to....You like things to be routine and structured or it throws you all out of whack. 
You love to snuggle and give lots of kisses and hugs. I will miss these days in a couple of years when you are too embarrassed to be seen kissing your mom.....You are so sweet and your dad and I are so very proud of you! We are so blessed to have you as a part of our family!! LOVE YOU SO MUCH BUD!!!


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The Anglesey Family said...

Kassie! You're sooo good at digital scrapbooking that it makes me sick!!!! I buy digi layouts all the time (I'll send you some more)....But I can never lay them out like you! You're 100% talented!

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