Baker City, Oregon and Rigby Lake

It took a LONG 9 hours to get to Baker City,

But, boy was it worth it!! Brooklyn gives it a thumbs UP!

It was the annual Miners Jubilee and there was a LOT going on! A petting zoo for the kids-

and a street dance where Frank, Tom's step dad sang! He has such an amazing voice, and we had the BEST time dancing in the street:) 

Enjoying some SWEET creamsicles on the porch!

The WHOLE gang!!

Playing at the park and eating YUMMY elephant ears :)

We had such a WONDERFUL weekend!! Thanks grandpa and grandma for letting us stay!! We miss you already!

These pictures are from our trip to Idaho, but I just had to post them.....Playing at Rigby Lake.
(Thanks Shalee for the great pics!!)
And one more of Brooklyn at Hanna's birthday party, on the slip and slide. This summer has been nothing but FUN!


Debbie said...

LOVe lovE the family pictures with Larry Anne! Great pics. I might have to steal one :)

Kassie Garlock said...

Thanks Deb, you go right ahead and steal away! :)

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