BOTCT Layouts

This year I was able to compete in the Battle of the Creative Teams at DigiScrapAddicts. It has been a TON of fun! Each week they gave us different challenges. 
For challenge 4 we had to use 10 products, make a list of 10 and use no photos and no frames.

For challenge 3 we had to use one color, scrap pictures of ourselves, only scrap in two corners, and tell about our usernames.

For challenge 2 we had to choose two different layouts from a member of our team and scraplift one thing from each layout and use the word today.

For challenge one we had to follow a recipe that they gave us from 10 hears to 1 font and use an equation. 

Each of these challenges were crazy hard, and took forever, but I love the way it made me stretch and grow as a scrapper!

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