hErE cOmEs tRoUbLe!!

So true!! I can't even count how many things she does in one day! I am just not able keep up with this girl. I turn my back for one minute and she is into something new. Her favorite things are:

-unrolling the whole roll of toilet paper and putting it down the toilet
-drawing on the walls and herself with markers
-dumping out an entire bag of rice (or other messy foods) and continuing to spread it across the house and furniture
-putting our iPod Touch in the toilet (still coming to terms with this one)
-ripping apart books and papers
-playing with and ruining my (and Aunt Chelsea's) makeup
-climbing up into the cabinet where the candy is and eating as much as she can get her hands on
-filling up buckets with gravel and then proceeding to dump it on the living room floor
-pouring cup fulls of water out of the bath onto the floor
-pulling out all of the dvd's out of their case....

I know there are countless more, but these are off the top of my head, haha! You are a pill my dear Brooklyn, but you do have your sweet moments and that is what gets me through the day!!

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