Trying to Catch Up...

Remember me?? I know, I am getting so bad at this blogging thing. We have been doing so much fun stuff, and I am so sad that I am not keeping track of it all. Now that summer is almost over, I feel like life is going to get back on track, hopefully. We just got home from a two week vaca in Idaho. We had a ton of fun, and it was so nice to get out of this AZ sauna for a few weeks. I took tons of fun pictures and when I went to put my media card into my laptop today, I realized it was just gone! My heart completely dropped. I am so sick to my stomach thinking about all of the fun pictures I am never going to see....sigh. Well luckily I did get a few with my mom's camera of the kids fishing. Those are coming soon! Until then here are my most recent pages for my ct's. And as always you can click them to see the credits.


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