Braden's Dental Operation

Braden had some cavities to get filled and they thought it would be best to put him under to make the whole process a bit easier. Since it is at an outpatient surgery place it will hopefully make it so he is not afraid to go to the dentist  :) He had to fast from midnight until 2pm the next day! He was a trooper, but did sneak a cheeto he found on the car floor, lol. He was really brave and when they wheeled him back, I was the only one in tears. It was terrifying- and it was only a dental surgery! I can't imagine how hard it must be for parents to have to deal with putting their kids under real surgery. He was a trooper going in, but when he woke up, it was another story. He was coughing up blood everywhere and was so miserable. It was pretty scary, but the doctor said everything went great and he just needed some time to come out of the anesthesia. We got him home and made him a bed on the couch. It was almost 5pm, and he was STARVING! He ate like 3 whole meals in one sitting! Then we vegged out and watched movies together. We have been very diligent in brushing his teeth, because we definitely don't want to have to go through that again!

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