Amazing Jakes FHE

Please just sit still Braden.

Watch out!! Beep, Beep!
This face cracks me up!
He's so ready to drive!
This is the only motorcycle we will get be getting on...

mmmm....Soft serve ice cream!
We had a blast a Amazing Jakes!
Thanks to the Garlocks!!!


Kasey said...

All Todd wanted to do tonight while we were eating and shopping was go back to Amazing Jakes. He found Rocky's card thing from there and carried at around with him. On the way home it was on the seat and he wanted it. He was mad because I told him he had to wait because I counldn't reach it. Funny kid.

Debbie said...

It was mucho fun. I am glad your little family joined us. You know we count you as one of our own!

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