Tom goes to Autzen!!

Tom in front of Autzen Staduim
Tom with Kirk Herbstreit from ESPN
Chris Fowler from ESPN
Sweet Duck Hummer
Autzen Football Field
Tom and Logan, aka The Dragon
Brock and Tom
Man, they lost:(
The Ducks are still Mighty and will return with a vengeance!
It snowed where they were staying in Black Butte!
Crazy Guys!


Anonymous said...

What's in that bottle he has in his hand. A little mysterious....

Kasey said...

I want a ride in that LimoHummer! Fun Fun!

Shawna said...

Hey Kassie---Here's my comment! YOU ARE HOT!!! Can't wait for Braden's birthday Bash- there better be some freaken awesome clubbin music!! Haha peace out

The Bottjer Family said...

GOOOOO DUCKS!!!!!! We should get together to watch a game. Josh is a huge fan and I'm starting to learn more about football and made it through warcging my first game on tv last weekend. Braden is getting so big, my goodness, what a cutie!

The Bottjer Family said...

Sorry for the typo! It's hard to type with one hand holding a newborn!

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