Better Late Than Never

On MLK Day we went to the Garlocks for yummy navajo tacos, peach cobbler, and smores on the bonfire in the backyard. They also had a huge pile of leaves to play in and a brand new John Deere Truck. It was SO much fun, we love hanging with the Garlocks!!!


Kreg and Anna said...

I love to look at all the fun things you guys do outside in january while we are buried up to our noses in snow here in idaho! I want to live in AZ!!!!

Randall, Annalee, and Mack said...

hey, of course I remember you! Your little man is so cute! THanks for the shout-out! great digi work

Kasey said...

You were recipe tagged before this post, so you better get on it. 3 yummy recipes please. Thanks!

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