Backyard Beach Boy

Last summer I bought this little inflatable pool for the backyard and yesterday Joy and Landon came over for a pool party!! It was fun, but still a little bit chilly:)
P.S. This is Braden's 'camera smile' needs a little work.


Broc said...

I am so jealous!!! we need summer here , it is still so cold! I want to have a pool party! Cute pic of Braden, he looks pretty chill.

Cisneros Family said...

Kassie, my name is Michelle. I am actually Shay's sister in law. You have a really cute blog, and I love your templates. Could you please tell me how you made your templates, or at least how you change the background paper? You can either leave it on my blog or email me at
Thank you so much. I really appreciate it.

Debbie said...

You started the pool parties early! Yeah for you. Can't wait to have them in my backyard--all summer long!! Get your tan on♥♥♥

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