Spaghetti Night

Last night Braden enjoyed his first plate of spaghetti! Since he hasn't been feeling great, I didn't think he would touch it and was so surprised when he just dove in. He loved it!! I am so happy I found something new he will eat. He used to be the best eater, but he has had the flu for over a month now and the only thing he really likes is yogurt or raisins. It is so hard, especially since he hasn't gained any weight since his 1st birthday!! It breaks my heart, he is so skinny. Hopefully he gets over this soon, but for now, spaghetti it is:)


Josh n' Meagan said...

What a cutie. Josh tells me Tom informed him our kids are getting married when they grow up. I thought that was okay news since Braden is so adorable!

Debbie said...

Add Cheetos to the list. He ate several today at my house. Love that little guy.

Kasey said...

Poor boy! I sure hope the Benadryl helps him. If not, spaghetti it is!

Matt and Leigh said...

Hey Tom and Kassie,
Tom- I just had a blast from the past: Mark Lauener. Didn't you know him from your mission time in Virgina? He requested me as a friend on facebook. Random, but fun, huh?!
Kassie- your digital scrapbooking skills are amazing! Have a great day.

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