Yes, I am still alive! So sorry it has been so long.... It has just been one thing after another! Lake Powell was a BLAST, but so draining! I crashed for like 3 days after we got back. Then we lost our internet because we got a land-line and the cox guy messed up our internet connection. Then my cordless mouse broke and I hate using the touchpad to scrapbook! After all that I finally gave in and just as I was finishing a layout, my computer started tweaking out and I lost everything! SO FRUSTRATING! I have been on strike against my computer for the last week. BUT, I am over it now and I really missed doing it... This is what I have done today. I have TONS more to do, but here is a preview of our trip to Powell-


Bryce Family said...

Kassie... I love the top page (brownish one)! I need to learn how to do that digital scrapbooking sometime.

Debbie said...

Wondered when you were going to post. I didn't take any pictures at Powell, so I am relying on you girls to post pictures, so I can relive the great adventure. It was fun and I am glad all of you came.

Herberts said...

Kassie, Your blog is so cute! I want to learn how to digital scrapbook! How adorable! We miss seeing you! We only have about 3-4 weeks left here to wrap things up hopefully. I'll be checking back often! Cute blog!

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