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Okay, I am done!! This weekend was pretty uneventful so I had tons of time to finish scrapping all the pictures I had neglected. A couple weeks ago my friend Jessica and I went to this Art Museum in Mesa, they had this really fun kids center called ArtVille. It was super cute, and the kids LOVED it!!

Last weekend Grandpa Rick (Tom's Dad) came for a visit. On Saturday we went to Schnepf Farms, this time of year it is so stinkin fun!! They have carnival rides, a pumpkin patch, a petting zoo, a hay ride, all kinds of animal shows, pony rides, a huge playground, a train ride, mini golf, and tons of yummy food!! We went at like 5 pm so it was too dark to take pics of everything, but here are a few pages of the fun...

Then Sunday was Braden's 2nd Birthday!! It was such a great day!! Church bright and early at 8 am, then we had yummy enchiladas for lunch. It was such a nice day we were able to go on a walk without sweating to death. I just wanted to have a fun time without stressing a ton, so instead of a huge party, we just had the Garlock fam over for cake and ice cream!! I made Better than 'you know what' cake. It was nice and messy for the 2 year old! Thanks to you who could make it and for all the fun stuff!! Braden got a b-ball hoop from gramps, a fun tow truck from grandma Debbie, and a Target giftcard from Kasey & Shawna. Grandma Stacie got him TONS of winter clothes, since he has none! Uncle Sam got him some sweet Air Jordans- The kid LOVES shoes!! Grandma Larry-Anne got him cowboy boots and a shirt and his friends Austin and Carter got him 2 remote control cars. Then we got him a hawaiian elmo that does the hokie-pokie, books, 3 cars, a big bouncy ball, a baby Einstein movie, and another HUGE elmo- it is almost as big as him! Not bad for a two year old:)

Other big news--he is no longer in a crib! He was able to climb out of his crib at like 9 months, but he didn't really start doing it until a month ago. I figured it was time to move to a toddler bed... I haven't found one yet, so I just pulled out his crib mattress and put it on the floor. It is kind of ghetto, I know, but he absolutely loves it! Here is a shot of him with giant elmo-his bedtime friend. I will have to get some cuter pictures when I get around to buying him the real thing...

On Monday we went in for his 2yr old check-up. He weighed in at a whopping 26 lbs and is 34 inches tall! My little boy is growing up, sigh.


Robert said...

Happy Birthday Braden! Looks like it was fun! Can you believe my 3 year olds are 34 inches? They are growing, but maybe not "up". :) Hope you are feeling well!

Rich and Lacee said...

I love all the pics. I will try to get Rich up in the attic tomorrow when he is home and see about getting our toddler bed down for you. We'd be happy for you to use it. It's just taking up space around here. Looks like a fun birthday for Braden! You're such a good mom!

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