We are Oregon!

Last Saturday Tom and I and his bros Sam and Grant headed to the Oregon vs ASU game in Tempe. It was an AWESOME game!! Ducks won it 54-20!! The Ducks haven't had a great year, so it was a good win! Even though we were in AZ, we were in good company with all the Oregon fans there. Since it was a night game and we didn't get home until 1 am, Braden stayed the whole night with Tom's cousin Troy and Brooke!! Thanks again so much you guys!! I was pretty nervous to leave him for that long, but when we went to pick him up Sunday morning he acted like he didn't even know us and did not want to leave at all! I was a little offended, but I am glad he had so much fun! Until next year my Duckies!!


Tina Upson said...

Sorry that our Broncos beat your team..........NOT!!!! You guys look cute!!!

Kiera said...

Hey, this is Kiera Ethington, I saw your blog on the Millers, it's adorable, I love all those scrapbook pages!! I hadn't heard that you were pregnant, CONGRATULATIONS!!!

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