What A DEAL!!

After finding all I could with Craigslist I decided to broaden my search to Ebay. I have always been scared of that place with all the bidding and trusting strangers with my money...But so far so good! I found some killer deals!! Here is Brooklyn's new crib set... It is called Sweet Shop by Baby Martex. I love the colors and it looks perfect with my dark crib and changing table. I got the quilt, bumper, sheet, skirt, valance, 3 wall hangings, and diaper stacker. At the store this retails for over $250 and I got it all for $47!!! I also got these cute wicker baskets- $4 each to put on her changing table.

I also found this ADORABLE diaper bag! The one I had for Braden broke a couple months ago, so I upgraded to a Ju-Ju-Be bag. They are SO amazing! They have many different styles to choose from, but this one is my favorite. It is called Be Spicy-It is the perfect size and has the most awesome details. There are 16 compartments/pockets including a mommy pocket in the front to put my stuff (wallet, keys, cellphone, sunglasses) and a huge inside to hold all the baby gear. Man I am going on like I am trying to sell it....sorry! I am just so excited about it! Oh, and the best part is I found it for $65, retail is $168! WOW!!!

Now go out and get online shopping:) You are sure to find a great deal!!!


Amber said...

that is the cutest bedding! Good job on finding a great deal!! and i love your new look on your blog, you are so talented.

amyorr said...

Very cute. Watch out. Once you buy someting on abay you will keep buying. At least thats how I was. I love the feeling of winning something you really want for cheap. SO, nice job!

Jake and Annika said...

I recently discovered Craigslist and Ebay as well. Awesome stuff! Jake and I bought a brand new King Mattress for $250 this week that retails for $1800! Wish we lived closer to talk about our great finds! :)

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