Cute As A Button

Braden has finally started to understand the concept of picture taking. I just love his little smile, but every time I would get out the camera he would get all weird. Now when I tell him to say "Cheese" he gets so excited and strikes a pose!

Here is my latest craigslist find. Braden is in LOVE with elmo and this Tickle Me Elmo chair was sure to be a winner!

And later that day this is how I found Braden watching his cartoons. This kid cracks me up!


Jocelyn said...

he looks just like his daddy! so cute!

Amber said...

Wow, all the sudden he looks so OLD! Guess it's b/c he's gonna be a big brother!

Kira's World said...

Holy cow I hope my kids are HALF as cute as yours are!

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