Eight Months

I really don't like taking my picture when I am pregnant. I only have one while pregnant with Braden and I always felt bad I didn't take more....Sadly, this time around its no different. I did finally gave in and took the one and only "belly" shot for Brooklyn. I just feel so blah! I had to make this page EXTRA cute to distract from the picture:)


Debbie said...

You might feel "blah" but you look ever soooooo c.u.t.e.

Kasey said...

You are still so tiny! That was one of my regrets too. The one pic I have when I was pregnant with Kylee is really bad! Rocky snapped it while I was waking behind Todd. My foot is up in the air, my arms and swinging and I'm making a wierd face. Nice. Not so much!

The Bottjer Family said...

You don't look blah.... but I can sympathize. I hardly have any pictures this time around too. Maybe we should dress up and do a mini photo shoot of each other, or just take pictures in our gym clothes because you know that's what we're in most of the day! Ha hah!

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