Braden's Potty Party

This post may be a little TMI (too much information) for most of you, so read at your own risk:) I just wanted to track Braden's progress....So, if you remember back a couple months ago I said I started reading this book--
I started to feel overwhelmed and put it off a little longer, since Braden was showing NO interest. Then I bought a huge box of Huggies at Costco and said to myself, when this box runs out, Braden is done with diapers. And that day came last Saturday. In this book it suggest that you throw a potty party. Braden woke up to his playroom and bathroom decorated with streamers and balloons. I had Tom take Brooklyn to his brothers house for some of the day, so I could have one-on-one time with him. His first present of the day was this drink and wet dolly wearing big boy underwear-
He named it Holly Dolly for some reason:) Funny kid. So then the rest of the morning Braden and I taught Holly Dolly to use the potty. When the dolly would go potty, Braden got to pick it out a sticker and treat from the treat tray and he got to eat the treat if he promised dolly he would go in the potty someday too. Throughout the morning I made dolly have accidents and even put smooched up tootsie rolls in it's underwear. In between potty breaks for dolly the only thing we did was read these books(thanks Marcey!)--
and watch these movies--
Braden loved all of it! He loved all the attention, treats, stickers, and presents. For lunch we had a party for Holly Dolly for being potty trained. Then it was Braden's turn....First he opened these big boy panties--

I did my best to help him understand these are big boy panties and we don't go poo poo and pee pee in them. We continued to watch the movies and read the books and had potty breaks about every 20 minutes. I had lots of Capri Suns and juice boxes (both of which he LOVES) so he had to pee a lot. He had a few accidents, but I tried my hardest to stay calm...After a couple hours of this we all got ready and and took Braden to a place I knew he would love. He has actually never been inside a Mcdonalds, so this was very exciting! Here are a few pictures I got with my phone--

When we got home I had him throw what was left of his diapers in the garbage. He was hesitant at first, but then he did it and was actually excited about it. After it was all said and done I felt like I had done EVERYTHING I could to get him to understand. I still have him in Pull-ups at night, but other than that he has been pretty good. I felt like he had pee down pretty good, but still hadn't been able to get him to poop. He would go outside and hide and the next thing I knew...So frustrating, but today he finally did it!! I was SOOO excited and surprised him with Hot Wheels cars and marshmallow Peeps. This is his potty chart for the last 3 days--

Let me tell you, it has been a very LONG three days, but I think he is getting it, so it is SO worth it. I just really hope he sticks with it. Anyways, Great Job Braden!! We really are so proud of you buddy!!!


Debbie said...

Yeah!!! This is better news than you had on Saturday. Guess it just took him a little time. You are a good mom doing all of that. I just sat them on the pot and said "go". No party or anything. You are a funner mom!

Kassie Garlock said...

LOL! You are so funny Deb! Thanks!!

Jocelyn said...

wow good for him! I have been thinking about getting Brock to use the potty. he hates having to lay down and get his diaper changed. but always tells us he needs a new one. considering he is not even 2 yet I'm not sure he's actually ready for that. hope Braden continues to have success! yeah for you!

Lacee Herbert said...

Awesome! Way to go Braden! (and MOMMY) It is SO much work... but so exciting when they finally do it on their own. So happy for you! We need to get together!!!

Kasey said...

Potty Training is the worst. Especailly when treats and prizes don't do anything. Good luck!

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