Braden's 5th Birthday Party!!

HI!! It has taken me longer than I thought to get back, but it is for a good reason :) I was trying to get all caught up on my photos and then add them all at once. But I decided that was too overwhelming!! I am going to start at the first and try to post every few days until I can get caught up. So here goes!!!

My baby boy is 5 years old!!! It is so hard to believe. People always tell me how fast time goes by once you start having kids and they are totally right!! It feel just like yesterday that I was holding my 7 pound baby boy in my arms. It makes me sad to think how fast it goes, but I am so blessed to have such a wonderful boy in my life. He has really grown up to be my little helper. He loves to put the silverware away, feed the dogs, let the dogs out to go potty, and grab things that I ask him get :) He is obsessed with riding his bike and will ride it any chance he gets! He also loves his scooter, Thomas the train set, anything to do with the movie Cars, and his latest fav is Spider-man and other superheroes! I just love my little boy! Here are the pages from his fun birthday party. Journaling reads:

You had such a fun birthday this year! We got to spend it in Idaho, with grandma and grandpa Bateman. We went to the hay maze and invited all of your friends to come! We went to the petting zoo and then tried out the hay maze. You cheated and climbed on top :) Then we went under the canopy and opened your presents and had yummy spider cakes. It was such a fun day! Love you so much!! 

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