We had so much fun this Christmas! We went to my parents Ward Christmas party and enjoyed the activities there! Of course delicious food, a Christmas program and not to forget.....

SANTA!!!! The kids were so thrilled to get to sit on Santa's lap. 

Braden even wrote his own little letter that he gave to him:
It says, 

Dear Santa. Thomas the Train, Percy, James, Salty (which are the names of some of the trains) Love, Braden

So stinkin' cute- I love it!!!
And here they are Christmas morning (well, afternoon...we had church at 11am) opening their presents. Braden's got his wish and opened 99.99% Thomas related gifts(even Thomas underwear) and Brooklyn was spoiled with lots of fun girly things including fake make-up and a little dolly she named Bella. What a fun year!!

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